Artist Statement

My paintings capture a special moment or experience.  Using color and composition, I put the feeling I had at the
time--whether wonderful lighting, beautiful flowers from my garden, or a sweet pet--into my paintings.

My focus is the familiar midwestern landscapes, including small towns and local street scenes.  I live and work in Elgin, Illinois, and frequently paint local scenes.  I combine plein air painting with studio painting from photos I have taken.  As a lifetime lover of horses and other animals, they often find their way into my paintings.

I paint in both oils and soft pastels.  When working in oils, I mix them with cold wax medium, giving me the ability to add textures and glazes to my work.  My oil paintings are looser and more impressionistic than my pastels.  Working with soft pastels lets me combine drawing with painting, working freely with pure pigment.  My pet portraits bring out the personality of the subject and bring joy to my clients and me.


In December, 2013, I was awarded the People's Choice Purchase Award by Art for All-Elgin, for my painting "Blessing of the Hounds."