The Commission Process

I have done commissioned work for clients from Virginia to California, but most of my commissions have been in the Chicago area. It allows me to become acquainted with my subject and take reference photos. I have also worked from my clients’ reference photos. When working from a client’s photos, I like to see as many as possible in order to get more insight into the subject. Sometimes the details that aren’t visible in one photo will appear clearly in another. The accuracy of the finished art will depend on the reference photos.


We will discuss the size and medium for the artwork, the general look or layout you would like, and a range of prices. Once we’ve agreed on the basics of the composition, I will send you a rough layout and a contract. The contract will specify the size, medium, layout, and photos to be used, with a firm price.


You would confirm your order with a signed contract and a deposit of 50%. You can send a personal check with your signed contract. Since my paintings are so detailed, it can take several months to finish a commission. If you have a specific deadline I will try to accommodate you.


Once the portrait is finished I will contact you to arrange final payment and delivery. In the unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied with your portrait, I will refund your deposit, and retain the portrait in my possession.


If you are interested in a commissioned portrait, please contact me by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (847) 742-1278.