Comments from my Clients

Comments from my Clients...


I've included notes I have received from satisfied clients.


“I have several paintings and drawings done by Jean of both dogs and horses. She does a terrific job capturing the look and personalities of my pets and I definitely recommend her work.” Joanne Larson



“Just wanted to let you know we received the picture and it is even better in person.” G. R., Indiana



“I own several of Jean’s paintings and love everything about them. She made a pastel portrait of my granddaughter that not only captures her physically, but also her spiritually! Gorgeous work!” R. Q., Indiana



“Jean has the unique ability to interpret and enhance what was seen in the photos along with her feelings about the subject to produce a sensitive lifelike piece of art.” Carol T., St. Charles, Illinois



“I have been privileged to observe Jean Johnson (Pechtel) develop as an artist for a number of years. I own several of her works, including a rural man-and-his-horse landscape, a moving woman-at-work study, a whimsical child-at-play portrait, and two dog portraits. Her attention to detail is almost photographic. Her skill with color is exhilarating. She puts you right in the scene: breathing in the fragrance of the field, aching with the woman’s pain, melting at the child’s delight, wanting to cuddle the dogs.” Lois Hudson, California