About the Artist

As my art has evolved, I continue to focus on midwestern landscapes as well as the horses and other animals that I love so much.  My current favorite medium is pastel, which allows me combine drawing with painting and work freely with brilliant color. 

I began drawing and painting as a small child, with the encouragement of an artistic family. We lived on a farm in central Illinois and there were plenty of animals around to sketch. My lifelong love of horses and all animals, plus constant practice with a sketchbook and pencil have enabled me to capture the expression and personality that makes each individual unique.


When I was a teenager my uncle commissioned me to do a horse portrait for him, and I’ve been doing them ever since. At that time, I considered the landscape a necessary evil—you have to put something behind the horse. Since then, I’ve broadened my scope to include dogs, cats, and other animals, and I’ve learned to enjoy doing landscapes and other subjects for a different kind of challenge.


I studied drawing and painting in college, and continue to take classes and workshops.  My preferred media are pastels,  pencil, and oil paint. 


In December, 2013, I was awarded the People's Choice Purchase Award by Art for All-Elgin, for my painting "Blessing of the Hounds."